Women’s Empowerment Group – Join us for Sacred Play
Saturday, September 14       1:00pm – 3:00pm       DEC Classroom A
Facilitator: Amina Kruck

No experience necessary! All abilities welcome, too! We meet monthly on the second Saturday. We learn as we go. This is an empowerment experience – not just sitting around talking, though we do a bit of that as well.  We raise our voices in song. We learn as we go.

Been thinking about joining us?  Now is the time! We will move together embodying universal feminine qualities inspired by a traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice honoring the divine feminine in us all.  Join us to try on the experience of 21 dynamic and powerful divine qualities that already exist within you.  Qualities like: Sublime Intelligence, Worthy of Honor, Irresistible Truth, Ferocious Compassion, Serene Peace, Bliss and Joy.

Sound interesting?  Feel familiar or like a stretch?  Good!  Think of this as self-esteem aerobics.  Let’s take action together to experience what these qualities feel like in our body, heart and mind.  This is one sure way for women to step outside of negative disability stereotypes and feel empowered by honoring the sacredness of our Being… together!

Please register and let me know if you need any reasonable accommodations to participate.  Contact Amina at 602-443-0722 or email at aminak@abil.org and please use the subject line: “Women’s Empowerment Group”.
Thank you!