Work is the key to financial empowerment!

Good news! The Social Security Administration (SSA) is now able to continue cooperative agreements across the country for community organizations to provide Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) for Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities.

More good news! ABIL has received a cooperative agreement from SSA to fund free WIPA services statewide to Arizona beneficiaries on SSI and SSDI. We already have Certified Work Incentive Coordinators (CWIC) available to provide services statewide.

If have a specific work goal, are working or have a job offer, we can help you understand how earned income will affect your cash, medical and other benefits. We can inform you about work incentives that can ease your transition to work and help you understand and navigate Social Security related work rules. Our CWICs have knowledge of Social Security, Medicare, AHCCCS and other government programs.

  • We believe that people living with disabilities often can and want to work.
  • We believe people with disabilities have skills, knowledge and talent to benefit an employer.
  • We believe that working can improve a person’s quality of life.
  • We recognize that each person’s circumstances are unique and that the journey from benefits to employment can be scary and complex.
  • We know many people with disabilities on Social Security benefits are often living in poverty and…
  • We know that there are work incentives and community resources available to help people transition from benefits to employment and financial self-sufficiency!
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Working or job offer pending? Contact us at 602-443-0720 or Toll Free at 866-304 (WORK).
No job or offer yet and wanting to learn more about SSA work incentives? Go to the Choose Work
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