Independent Living Fair

Thank you to our many exhibitors and Ability360 business partners: Keogh Health Connection, Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP), Valley Metro, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), Area Agency on Aging, Region One, Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired (SAAVI), STARs, Arizona Statewide Independent Living Council (AZSILC), and Community Legal Services.  Also a special thank you to Loren Worthington and John Gutierrez for their educational presentations.

Consumers had the opportunity to visit with vendors and attend presentations to gain information about services or programs. 

“We were so impressed with the Ability360 Facility and the wonderful people who work there.  The resources are just amazing.” The Sawicki family, Ability360 consumers, attended this first-time event and look forward to next year saying, “We found the event to be very friendly, interesting and informative.  It is so comforting to feel the respect and interaction shared by the workers, attendees and the community.  We very much enjoyed the speakers, Loren Worthington and John Gutierrez, they were both very informative and inspirational.”

Heidi L. Lervik, Assistive Technology Specialist from Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP) said “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate and represent AzTAP at your Independent Living Fair in October 2017.  It gave me an opportunity to meet with individuals that typically don’t know about our services but can truly benefit from assistive technology in their lives. It also provided a great opportunity to network with other professionals.  I consider an event successful if I feel like I can make a difference even for one person.  This event allowed me to impact both consumers and  professionals who serve individuals with disabilities.”

One of the Event organizers, Stacey Zimmerman said, “We all need to fill our tool kits with the appropriate set of tools.  Hopefully our Fair allowed people this opportunity.”

If you missed the Independent Living Fair or have questions please contact Ability360 and to speak to one of the Independent Living Specialists.