SpoFit hosted the first night of the Stand-Up Amputee Basketball program on Wednesday, October 15.  Twelve amputees, many who had never visited SpoFit showed up to play some 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 games and to discuss what type of organized team might be assembled for future competitions against similar amputee teams in other cities.

The program had the inspirational spark by SpoFit member David Banks and is sponsored by Touchstone Rehabilitation and the David Banks Foundation.  With the drive of David and support of local providers we had a great turnout for our first night.  One player, mentioned that he plays on occasion with his friends, but this was the first time he had played with other amputees.  He stated that this night he truly felt like he playing ball!

“I think we were all impressed with the quality of play we saw this evening. It was also great to see people sharing techniques and skills.” said  Gus Lazear, SpoFit VP & General Manager. Amputee Basketball is open to everyone. Currently the court is reserved each Wednesday at 6:30pm. Depending on attendance, pickup games are played along with drills and discussions for players of all levels. (More Information).

SpoFit held its first ever stand-up amputee basketball event last night.

Posted by Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center on Thursday, October 16, 2014