The Dri Tri was a huge success on Saturday. It consisted of three heats: a veteran’s heat, an individual heat, and a family heat.

child using a rowing machine woman standing next to her adjusting the machine

Each heat consisted of 10 minutes of rowing before moving on to 10 minutes of body weight exercises and finishing off with a 10 minute run. Every participant was partnered with a National Guard to keep accountable of their rowing meters and lap distances, also not to mention receive positive encouragement. We were provided feedback that “it was a great event and challenged anyone, regardless of ability.”

Another large draw to the event was the entertainment from the DJ, snacks, prizes and socialization from all the staff members.

The event coordinator for the Dri-Tri Sara Howser said, “I think it went fantastic, everybody pushed themselves, and encouraged one another to get through their heats. It was very challenging to say the least, but the results were remarkable.”

Sara Howser said that she is already thinking of new events for the future.