December 7th, Team SpoFit hit Raven golf course to support the Will 2 Walk Foundation for their annual charity golf tournament. While there were several teams participating in the scramble, Team SpoFit captured everyone’s attention. Maybe it was due to their stellar golf abilities, but most likely due to the state-of-the-art Paramobil 2 members were using. This machine allows individuals with paralysis, amputations, etc. to use a standing position for more free movement. Tim Surry, SpoFit member and user of the Paramobile said “I haven’t truly golfed since before my injury, but I have hit many golf balls at the driving range while just sitting in my regular wheelchair. To my surprise, we actually used a few of my shots [at the tourney]! Now that I’ve seen what it’s like, I am looking forward to being more active in the sport.” If you are interested in trying out the Paramobile contact Jason Graber at 602-386-4566 or email at