On April 20, SpoFit members and staff went to Joshua Tree National Park in California for an Adaptive Climbing Clinic through Athletes with Disabilities Network. SpoFit’s Recreational Therapist Coordinator, Jessica Amato and volunteer/member, Mike Benge, volunteered their time to accompany SpoFit members to the event, offering guidance & support. Both Jessica and Mike also helped to belay many of the other participants throughout the day.

All the members were introduced to indoor climbing on SpoFit’s 35-foot indoor rock wall and have since mastered their skills, making it easier to transition to the outdoors. Members Dan Fulton, Tim Hults, and Kevin Messner were all given the opportunity to take everything they learned indoors and test themselves on Joshua Tree’s natural rock.

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Fulton was introduced to climbing at SpoFit over a year ago and has continued to climb weekly, improving his technique, building his endurance, and boosting his confidence. This was Dan’s first outdoor climb, but he looked very natural and comfortable. When asked about the experience, Jessica Amato said, “It was such an honor to watch these guys climb outdoors after all their time spent on the SpoFit wall. Some even looked stronger on the rock then they do on the indoor wall. It was a great experience for us all, a great way to spend a Saturday!”

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If you have ever wanted to try rock climbing, or are looking for an alternative during the hot summer months, SpoFit offers a class every Wednesday and Saturday. For more information, check out our weekly class schedule.