Stand up amputee basketball league

SpoFit is very happy to announce the launch of its amputee basketball program. Amputees often play wheelchair basketball however this program is designed for people who prefer to use their prosthesis and participate much as able-bodied individuals play the sport. “We hope that anyone interested will show up or atleast contact us about participating. The more interest there is, the more we can do to further the sport” says  SpoFit’s Vice President & General Manager, Gus LaZear.

SpoFit is coordinating the program with the help of the D Banks Foundation. “The long term vision is to have enough interest in the league that we can develop a competitive team comprised of individuals who want to not just play ball but to give back to the community and empower others to live without limits. This is not just about empowering those with disabilities but also about empowering people in general to realize anything can be achieved with determination and will” says David Banks, Founder of the D Banks Foundation.

David is an above the knee amputee of 15 years and the founder of the D Banks foundation who’s mission is to empower amputees and to provide aid in obtaining quality prosthetics when not afforded. “I approached Gus a few months ago about playing basketball competitively but the only option at the time was wheelchair basketball. After a few meetings and conversations about the idea of a stand up league we are actually here today. Mr. LaZear and the great team at SpoFit were extremely supportive in the development of the league and we are excited about the possibilities” adds David.

Amputee Basketball happens every Wednesday beginning October 15th from 6:30pm to 9pm. Basketball is free for SpoFit members. Non-members pay a $6 adult/$5 youth drop-in fee (first visit is free). Non-amputees are welcome to participate. If you’d like to be involved but cant attend on Wednesdays please drop a message to Gus at or to David at