People gather around the ADA Freedom Bus to take a picture at the U.S. Capital.

Celebrating the Disability Rights Movement!

Top off your great Thanksgiving with a trip to the Disability Empowerment Center (DEC) to see the ADA Legacy Tour Bus.  This is a once (or twice) in a lifetime opportunity!

Tuesday December 2, 2014
11am – 2pm Pizza Lunch ‘n’ Learn
Disability Empowerment Center
5025 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Meet Tom Olin

Tom Olin

Tom is a photojournalist and documentarian of history of the disability rights movement. He has been an unbiased observer of these events for nearly 30 years.  His photos capture the heart and passion of the movement.  His photos are exhibited at the Smithsonian and were in the Washington Post as well as many publications and books.  Here at the Disability Empowerment Center, Tom’s black and white historical photos adorn the halls.

Led by photojournalist Tom Olin, the traveling exhibit will be rolling across the country and is designed to raise awareness and build excitement about ADA25 – the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Start celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act now! ABILITY360 plans to celebrate the ADA all year long with fun and educational events!  The ADA is our ground-breaking civil rights law, only 25 years old, yet many Americans now take for granted that the accessible building features and programmatic inclusion are the result of generations of advocacy.  Find more Tour information at

The Tour includes

The “Road to Freedom” ADA Bus – which traveled to 48 states in 2007 to raise support for the ADA Amendments Act – courtesy of the Disability Rights Center and driven by veteran disability rights photographer, Tom Olin
A four-panel display on the history of self-advocacy, courtesy of the Museum of disABILITY History
Displays on the preservation of disability history, celebrations of disability history milestones, and efforts to educate future generations of disability advocates, courtesy of The ADA Legacy Project
Displays on the history of the Road to Freedom Tour
An information table with handouts on The ADA Legacy Project and the ADA, plus information from our partners and sponsors

Each stop will have a unique theme and purpose.
As it stands, the current route (which may change depending upon funding, logistics, interest, etc.) is:

2014 – Tour Phase One

  1. July 25-27: Houston, TX – hosted by Abilities Expo (Tour Kick-off!)
  2. August 6: St. Paul, MN – hosted by Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities; View photo gallery of the St. Paul event
  3. September 5-7: Boston, MA – hosted by Abilities Expo
  4. September 17-18: Millersville, PA – hosted by Millersville University of Pennsylvania
  5. October 8-10: Albuquerque, NM – hosted by the 2014 Southwest Conference on Disability
  6. October 17-20: Albuquerque, NM – hosted by APRIL Conference
  7. November 21-23: Bay Area, CA – hosted by Abilities Expo
  8. December 2: Phoenix, Arizona – hosted by Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABILITY360)