Choose from the Performance Testing below:

  • Health Fitness Assessment (Body Composition, Body Mass Index, 3 or 7 site skinfold, Measurements of extremities)
  • Muscular Strength (1-4-8rm, grip force, High weight)
  • Muscular Endurance (low weight, high rep pushup, curl or crunch)
  • Flexibility (based on athlete, sit and reach, shoulder elevation or abduction, trunk extension, and leg raises)
  • Agility (custom agility track)
  • Cardio Respiratory Measurements (1 or 5 mile time and Heart Rate)
  • Submaximal Exercise Testing (6 or 15 minute maximal)

Cost: $175


  • Fitbit Charge HR Activity Tracker
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel
  • Athletic Shirt
  • Personal Customized Journal (*worksheets for data entry per athlete’s testing, training, and Paralympic baselines)

Please call Brielle Carter at 602-626-7250 to sign up at our Sports & Fitness Center for your specialized testing times and to process payment.