Once again, Bridgeway Health Solutions has come through in support of ABIL and it’s programs.  Last month, Bridgeway donated $10,000 to the SpoFit Scholarship Fund.  The fund was established to allow more people with disabilities  to become members at the Virginia G. Piper Sports & Fitness Center, and to participate in sports and recreational activities.

Amber Blanchard, SpoFit’s manager explains, “The scholarship fund has really been a big help in getting the center started.  We don’t want to turn away any members for financial reasons if they want to be here to better their physical fitness.”  The fund is also used to provide returning veterans access to the facility.

Rick Fredrickson, the President & CEO of Bridgeway Health Solutions also commented, “Bridgeway continues to be committed to supporting the work of Independent Living Centers in Arizona and across the country in supporting the ability of people with disabilities to live active and independent lives.  We are pleased to provide this contribution to the Scholarship Fund and hope it will lead to increasing support from the business community for ABIL in all its efforts.”

The SpoFit opened in October, 2011.  The center currently has over 600 members, and is open six days a week.  The three pools are open during the summers as well.  For anyone interested in being a member at the SpoFit, an application for the scholarship can be requested at the front desk. For more information, visit www.spofit.org, or call 602-386-4567.