SpoFit is for everyone.  And while it is easy for an adult to look through the web site and know what it is all about.  It may not be as obvious to parents thinking about what is available for their kids.

Collin is just one example of why many kids come to SpoFit on a routine basis.   “I cannot say enough good things about what Spofit means to our family. The facility is wonderful and the staff is very knowledgeable and fun.

Recreation therapy is one of the most beneficial therapies we have done for our son!” says Gwen Hoganson, who is Collin’s mom.  “We have been coming to Spofit since summer 2012.  Our son Collin is 7 years old and has a diagnosis of Autism and mild Cerebral Palsy.  Here, he has participated in recreation therapy, swim lessons, kids club, and various other group events.    When we attended our first summer camp, he was unable to run and could not interact much with the other children.  In the past year and a half he is now able to run, swim, and climb to the top of the rock wall.  He now has learned and understands some concepts of various team sports along with turn taking. He is engaged, interacting, and verbalizing with the staff and other kids.  All this and he loves coming here!”

Recreation Therapy services at SpoFit provide an opportunity to enhance the quality of life of individuals and groups with disabilities through adaptive sport, social recreation, fitness, and aquatic programs. Participation in recreation therapy services will benefit an individual and group’s quality of life through recreation & fitness. RT services are facilitated by Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and/or qualified staff. We provide an environment for participants of all ages and abilities.

If you have a child with a disability. We encourage you to learn more about our programs.

Sessions Available:


30 minute session                   $10

1 hour  session                         $20

Five, 30 minute sessions         $45

*During the month of February, this option is ½ off

Five, 1 hour sessions               $85


30 minute session                   $20

1 hour  session                         $40