James Petersen

We would like to congratulate James Petersen for all his hard work volunteering with SpoFit by announcing him as Januarys Volunteer of the Month! James has been volunteering in the fitness center on Tuesdays and helping out at SpoFit special events for a little over 4 months now.

James is originally from the Phoenix metro area and has lived all over the valley. James and his wife, Katie, just celebrated their 10th anniversary and they have two children, Jack and Alex. James works in the medical field as a radiologic technologist and enjoys mountain biking and ju jitsu. James’ response as to why he started volunteering at SpoFit, “I first became familiar with SpoFit through Raising Special Kids when my wife attended a parent focus group there.   After a tour of SpoFit we decided it would be a great place for the family to work out. My son Jack, who has autism, has really enjoyed the youth classes. Around the same time I was enrolled in my final course for my bachelor degree from Northern Arizona University and I needed a place to volunteer in a health promotion type of environment. I could not think of a better place to volunteer than SpoFit!  Even though the class is finished I will continue to volunteer time at SpoFit.”

One of James’ favorite moments while volunteering with SpoFit has been getting to know some of the rugby players who would come into the fitness center to work out while I was there. I found those guys to be amazing individuals who have worked very hard for their accomplishments. It was truly a blessing and a joy to get to know them. “SpoFit is a fantastic place for anyone no matter their abilities to improve their quality of life.  I have seen many people with varying physical abilities accomplish many of their physical fitness goals that they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to do elsewhere.”

Thank you James for going out of your way to help staff when we needed you and helping members with a smile. You are an outstanding volunteer!


SpoFit Staff