Amber Parkhurst has worked with ABILITY360 since 2005.

Amber Parkhurst

She was nominated by her ABILITY360 consumer as well as her ABILITY360 supervisor, Bonnie. Amber’s consumer states, “I’m very appreciative of her manner, assistance, patience and compassion. I am thankful that she does not need to be asked over and over what needs to be done.” Her supervisor Bonnie expressed, “I have had the pleasure of working on and off with Amber for the past 10 years. Her skills as a caregiver are top notch and she excels with members requiring full care. Amber is always willing to help when called for an assignment and is very professional and reliable. Every member she has worked for has called into the office or contacted the supervisor to compliment Amber on what a wonderful caregiver she is. ABILITY360 is very fortunate to have her as an employee. She is a great representative for our PAS Program.