Many people are not aware that ABILITY360 provides Home Modification Program services to persons with disabilities who are of low-to-moderate incomes through both our Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funding and through Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) providers, but also to individuals who have the resources to pay privately.

Individuals with disabilities and their families who can privately pay for Home Modification services have two options with ABILITY360:

  1. ABILITY360’s Home Modification Program Coordinators can, for a nominal fee, conduct an in-home assessment to identity those features of the house that will enhance the accessibility for the person. The written assessment results will give the person information about will assist in becoming safer and more independent in their house. The consumer can then either choose to use the results and take it from there or they can utilize ABILITY360 staff and resources further in an additional way.
  2. If the consumer chooses to use ABILITY360 to coordinate the modification project, we are available to assist as well. ABILITY360 staff will, for an additional nominal fee, coordinate the project through to its completion using its licensed, bonded and experienced contractors. ABILITY360 will take the home assessment and get bids, securing the best one for the project with the approval of the consumer. The chosen contractor will complete the work in cooperation with the consumer and their family. Once work is satisfactorily completed, payment will be settled between consumer and family.

ABILITY360’s 3 Home Modification Program Coordinators will serve individuals in both Maricopa & Pinal Counties. The Program has a very successful 22 year record of being good stewards of funds and our contractors have between 3 and 22 years of experience with us.