Ability360 is very pleased to announce it has created an all new Disability Survival Guide.

The “DSG” is designed to inform people about the services that Ability360 and a variety of other organizations provide throughout Arizona and to give them helpful information about all of their options when dealing with a disability.

The 32 page guide is intended for someone experiencing a new disability, their friends and families.  It is also intended to assist people who may be new to Arizona.  “We created the DSG with everybody in mind,” says Darrel Christenson, VP of Community Integration.  “We know that people are better at dealing with changes in their lives when they have access to people trained to help them, and when they can gain knowledge by meeting and interacting with people who have also been through a similar experience.”

The DSG offers a section with 10 suggestions that people may consider when experiencing a life-altering disability.  A second section for friends and families offers suggestions that they can consider as they, too, experience a change in their lives.

Another article is called Been There, Done That, which spotlights four people in Arizona who have experienced a disability and then went on with their lives.  It  is designed to offer readers some perspective and to show that so often, people can continue with their interests and their careers.

Don Price is Ability360’s Early Intervention Coordinator.  He has worked at Ability360 for 10 years and was on the team that designed the guide.  Each month, Don visits 10 or more people who are new to a disability.  He travels to rehabilitation centers, hospitals and homes.  His job is to provide individuals with options as they move forward.  “I meet people who, like me, had no idea how to deal with a disability when it first occurred.  Usually they are not too receptive to the experience.  Having a tool such as the DSG allows me to leave them with information and resources they can review when the time is right.”

The DSG also includes a substantial Information & Referral section that lists various organizations and businesses in Arizona that can provide assistance to people who have disabilities.  Each and every day, Pam Larson, Ability360’s I&R Program Coordinator, receives inquiries and directs people to where they can get assistance.  Her experience, as well as the many inquiries she receives, helped her lead the team in assembling the  I&R section.

The guide is available online here.  If you would like a printed copy, please stop by any Ability360 office or email info@ability360.org.