The August Congressional recess is an opportunity for Arizona disability advocates to contact Senators McCain and Flake’s local offices about two very important issues that the Senate will be considering when they return from recess.  You can be part of history by taking action to advocate in support of S. 1356 and the UN Treaty on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  The September Bridge, ABIL’s monthly newsletter, has articles on both issues. ABIL strongly supports S1356 which will move Centers for Independent Living, like ABIL, out of Department of Education and put them in a new Administration on Community Living under Health and Human Services. ABIL also believes our Senators need to fight for the 57.8 million Americans with disabilities 5.5 million disabled American veterans, and the 1 billion people with disabilities around the world by to vote to ratify the CRPD this fall! To find more information on S. 1356 go to   For more information on the CRPD, look in the Public Policy area of the Advocacy section of this website or go to