A woman who is roller skating

Christine Alicea comes to SpoFit almost every day.  Every day she straps up her skates and goes in circles.  Around and around she goes.  But there’s a purpose to it all, she’s in training.

Christine, (aka Hawaiian Blaze), is a member of the Smashers, an all-female roller derby team.  She is currently training for an upcoming skills assessment and is hoping to one day become a member of the elite Tent City Terrors.   She explains, “After I was discharged (from the Air Force), I found myself isolated at home.  A friend, a fellow veteran from my PTSD group, dragged me to the derby one night and I was hooked.”

Christine spent 12 years in the Air Force.   A native of Hawaii, and mother of two kids, she came to Phoenix after her discharge to be near her father who lives in Tucson.  “Close but not too close,” she says with a smile as she makes another round on the courts in her full regalia, including her helmet with the Air Force insignia front and center.

Christine comes to SpoFit as an alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project.  WWP  offers  free memberships at SpoFit.  Eligible servicemen and women are welcome to use the fitness center, the pools or like Chris, they are welcome to use the facility for whatever activity they enjoy.  SpoFit currently has over 600 veteran members and 120 Wounded Warrior members.  SpoFit thanks Christine and every one of the veterans for their service.  We truly look forward to seeing you every day.

If you see Hawaiian Blaze on the courts, please give her a shout.  If you want to see her in action, visit www.azrollerderby.com to learn more about the upcoming events.  For more information about SpoFit’s Wounded Warrior program, contact Sarah at saraho@abil.org.

A woman roller skating further in the distance under an American flag