Discover everything we have to offer by picking up your passport at the front desk. Each time you try something new, we’ll stamp your passport throughout the week of July 15th. We’ll give away prizes to our most-traveled members!

Bonus stamps will be available. Whether you are not interested in 1 of SpoFit’s locations or prefer not to answer a question, you can still track your travels by participating in any of the following:

-Bring a friend to SpoFit

-Attend a special event

-Switch up your schedule & come a day or time you normally would not

-Participate in a fee-based program

**Receive at least 4 stamps during July 15 – July 19 & you qualify to be entered into a drawing to win a prize. Want to challenge yourself even further? See if you can participate in ALL 6 locations AND complete ALL 4 bonus opportunities.