Congratulations to Tim Surry on being nominated as February’s volunteer of the month.

Tim was born in Washington but grew up in Kansas. After becoming injured in high school Tim went on to attend Wichita State University. He has been involved in numerous types of adaptive sports coaching wheelchair rugby and tennis along with generating wheelchair basketball teams. In 1994 Tim made the USA track and field team where he completed in javelin and placed eighth in the world. In his free time Tim enjoys snow skiing, hunting and fishing, riding ATV’s, watching his beloved Seattle Seahawks and of course spending time at SpoFit.

Not only has Tim has been volunteering at SpoFit events and in the fitness center for over a year now he is also member of Team SpoFit. Tim has participated in numerous events as a SpoFit member and through Team SpoFit which include Try Triathlon, Biatholon, Run/Walk/Roll, Tango classes, Will to Walk Gold Tournament, SpoFit’s yoga classes, TLC and Bootcamp.

Tim began volunteering with SpoFit because he wanted to give back to his community and the nature of volunteering being fun and exciting. Tim’s response as to his favorite aspect of volunteering at SpoFit was “I enjoy helping people in their workouts, explaining the equipment or suggesting different types of exercises. It makes me feel good helping others complete their workout and receiving their appreciation.”

Thank you Tim for going out of your way to help members and helping staff when we needed you.  You are an awesome volunteer!


SpoFit Staff