Congratulations to Dane Elderkin on being nominated as June’s volunteer of the month.

SpoFit would like to congratulate Dane Elderkin for all of his hard work volunteering with SpoFit by announcing him as June’s Volunteer of the Month! Dane has been, for the past 4 months, helping put away fitness equipment, cleaning machines, monitoring the fitness room, aiding members in their fitness endeavors and helping the front desk by making copies and shredding. Dane is a 29 year old Phoenix native, graduating from Chaparral high School in 2002. Dane attended Scottsdale Community College for a while with PC hardware and general studies as his focus. Dane enjoys comedy and action movies as well as anything sports related with soccer being his favorite sport. His family has 2 rescue labs which of course makes him a dog lover!

Dane began volunteering at SpoFit because he wanted to be around other people with disabilities and help them out while working to accept his disability of being an incomplete paraplegic with right side brain injury. Dane began volunteering with a “can’t do” attitude and apprehensions towards each task given. Through meeting and helping others with similar disabilities Dane is now starting to tackle each task with will and determination and a “can do” attitude! I asked Dane to share something new he has learned while being a volunteer at SpoFit and his response was “I can have the patience and drive to stick with obstacles even though they may be challenging and hard at times.”

One of Danes favorite moments while volunteering was learning about wheelchair rugby through a Phoenix Heat player and learning wheelchair manufactures design one arm drive wheelchairs and learning about other adaptions for individuals who use wheelchairs and the modifications to help with activities of daily living.

Thank you Dane for you increasing will and determination to complete each task and helping SpoFit’s members and staff. You are an outstanding volunteer!
SpoFit Staff