Congratulations to Mark Jones on being nominated as March’s volunteer of the month.

SpoFit would like to congratulate Mark Jones on his continued dedication as a volunteer at SpoFit by nominating him as volunteer of the month for March. Mark has been volunteering in the fitness center and at weekend events for the past four months. Mark is committed to community outreach and helping others. This Phoenix native not only volunteers at SpoFit but is also a volunteer instructor at the Arizona Center for the Blind. Mark continues to make an impact as a student at Gateway Community College by fulfilling his duties as Vice President of the Black Student Union, mentoring other students with disabilities and being a member of the Prosperous Club which helps other Gateway Students transition from a community college setting to a university atmosphere.  Mark has fostered several partnerships between Arizona Center for the Blind and Gateway Community College by introducing 7 Sociology students to the Arizona Center for the Blind where they will volunteer their time and conduct research to write papers on Persons with Disabilities in Society. If that isn’t enough he also united Gateways Art College to host an art and ceramics workshop for members at the Arizona Center for the Blind.

Marks response as to why he wanted to volunteer at SpoFit was “It’s a wonderful gym with an energetic atmosphere and I wanted to be part of a wonderful team.” Mark said that the gym had brought a new found confidence and has also helped him become more independent. Mark has learned he can do more than he thought was possible with his visual impairment.  One of Marks favorite aspects of volunteering is meeting all the amazing individuals at SpoFit from members to staff and the generosity of all.