A man and women using GoGrit Freedom Chairs in the forest on rocky terrain.

Ever wanted to go exploring?  Or go beyond what your everyday wheelchair might allow?  If so, there may be a solution.   On Thursday, May 14th, the team behind GRIT Freedom Chair will be at SpoFit to let people learn more about their newest innovation.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is a manual wheelchair designed to allow people to go beyond the boundaries and limits of a standard wheelchair.  It’s built tough (in America) and yet is still affordable.   Ahead of the AzDS Desert Challenge Games, we will be demonstrating the Freedom Wheelchair in the lobby of SpoFit. Knowing some of you may want to really test the potential of the chair, we are coordinating two complimentary trips to nearby Papago Park on Thursday to allow people to try the chair on the paved and dirt trails.

Our friends at Daring Adventures will be working with GRIT to assist people at the Papago Park.  To make the experience work for everyone, please fill out the form below.