Infinity Sports is a great new program that’s happening at SpoFit.  The evening event happens every Thursday and Friday from 6:30PM to 7:30PM.

This is the first time that SpoFit has offered a sports clinic of this nature. It is designed to teach members the fundamental skills and rules of a different sport every week.

So far members have had the opportunity to learn Boccia, Baseball, Table Tennis, Frisbee Golf, and Croquet. The week after Thanksgiving is the last week of Infinity Sports and members will be participating in Wii Sports and Lawn Sports.

The members have had tons of fun playing the official games of the different sports, but also the skill games that have led up to the sports. One example of a skill game was the members played Table Tennis Bowling. One of the members that have consistently attended this clinic was Ernie Chun and he said, “It is life changing to experience activities I never knew I could do!”

This clinic will lead into another similar program called Meet N’ Compete, where members are able to try out different games and challenges every Thursday starting December 13, 2012!