Enjoy the summer with SpoFit’s fun integrated kids camp! Children will be able to participate in social recreation games, adaptive sports, rock climbing, yoga, karate, dance, pool activities and much more! Activities are available for children of all ages & abilities, as well as siblings & peers.

Camps are held in two-week sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from noon – 2pm. Below are the dates for the 2013 sessions:

June 18- June 27
July 9– July 18
July 23– Aug 1
Aug 6-Aug 15

$120 per 2 week session
25% Off for SpoFit Monthly & Annual Members
(scholarships available)

Registration is required at least 1 week before each session
To register, click here
Each participant must also have this assessment form completed and signed by a parent.