"The Liberation Workshop was a real awakening for me. I'm not alone." Ivan Rivera

5025 E. Washington Street
First Floor Conference Center
(Bring a sack lunch or $5 for Pizza)

Who should come?
Persons with Disabilities, Friends, Family members, Allies, Seniors, Service providers

No one likes to think of himself or herself as “oppressed,” yet true empowerment comes from:

1. Identifying outside forces that have affected your life through no fault of your own
2. Taking personal responsibility for your choices

Stay tuned for the next Disability Liberation Workshop!

We all have stereotypes about disability. Many people without disabilities live in fear of becoming disabled. Allies want to help. First, we must identify what “ableism” looks like, and then we can work to eliminate it.

Workshop goals:
• Identify sources and signs of ableism – What’s in a name?
• Identify how ableism gets internalized and holds people with disabilities back
• Explore how embracing liberation can lead to empowerment and action in your life

Facilitated by Amina Donna Kruck, Ability360 VP of Advocacy Director

Amina, who has multiple disabilities, is a Licensed Counselor in AZ with over 35 years of peer counseling experience. She has been with ABILITY360 for 25 years, promoting Independent Living, Self-Determination philosophy and employment for individuals with disabilities.

****Remember: Please do not wear any perfumes or strong fragrances****