Peer Mentoring Services

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer Support is an Independent Living Center Core Service. Ability360 provides peer support in two ways: the majority of our direct service staff have disabilities; and we have trained Peer Mentor volunteers who work with individuals to help them achieve their independent living goals.

Want to be a Peer Mentor?

Ability360 Peer Mentors are individuals who:

• Have a disability, or are close to someone who does
• Successfully achieved independent living
• Assist others to achieve their independent living goals

Ability360 Peer Mentors:

• Listen and provide support
• Take part in solving problems that all people with disabilities have in common
• Share their knowledge of community resources

Mentor Opportunities:

• One-to-one contact
• Outreach to people at rehabilitation centers and nursing homes
• Advocacy for individuals and community
• Participation in group mentoring sessions and disability awareness presentations

Peer Mentor Volunteer Qualifications and Training:

Ability360 Peer Mentor volunteers must complete an application and provide three character references.

All volunteers must successfully complete a fingerprint and background check. Peer Mentor volunteers must attend the Ability360 Peer Mentor Training class.

Have questions?

Contact Polly Queen, MSW at 602-296-0533 or

Want to meet with a Peer Mentor?

Mentee Requirements:

• You must be 18 years old or older
• You must have a disability
• Work on achieving independent living goals with the help of a peer mentor

How do I get started?

Individuals interested in having a Peer Mentor volunteer must first sign up for Ability360 services and be assigned to an Ability360 program. Staff can then assist you in completing a request for a Peer Mentor volunteer.

Call Darrel Christenson at 602-296-0530