Peer Mentoring Services

If you need the support of someone who has already been there, done that — someone who can go along with you, cheer you on, and support you in accomplishing your goals, this is the program for you!

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer Support is an Independent Living Center Core Service. Ability360 provides peer support in two ways: the majority of our direct service staff have disabilities; and we have trained Peer Mentor volunteers who work with individuals to help them achieve their independent living goals.

Ability360 Peer Mentors are individuals who:

• Have a disability, or are close to someone who does
• Successfully achieved independent living
• Assist others to achieve their independent living goals

Ability360 Peer Mentors:

• Listen and provide support
• Take part in solving problems that all people with disabilities have in common
• Share their knowledge of community resources

Mentor Opportunities:

• One-to-one contact
• Outreach to people at rehabilitation centers and nursing homes
• Advocacy for individuals and community
• Participation in group mentoring sessions and disability awareness presentations

Peer Mentor Volunteer Qualifications and Training:

Ability360 Peer Mentor volunteers must complete an application and provide three character references.

All volunteers must successfully complete a fingerprint and background check. Peer Mentor volunteers must attend the Ability360 Peer Mentor Training class.

Two woman sit opposite each other at a table. They are having a conversation.

Women’s Self Confidence Classes

Ability360 hosts a 6 week, 6 session support group for women with disabilities who want to feel more empowered and improve their self-image in a supportive, caring environment. If interested, please fill out the form below.

Have questions?

Contact Polly Queen, MSW at 602-296-0533 or

Want to meet with a Peer Mentor?

Mentee Requirements:

• You must be 18 years old or older
• You must have a disability
• Work on achieving independent living goals with the help of a peer mentor

How do I get started?

Individuals interested in having a Peer Mentor volunteer must first sign up for Ability360 services and be assigned to an Ability360 program. Staff can then assist you in completing a request for a Peer Mentor volunteer.

Call Darrel Christenson at 602-296-0530