Photography Intern

My name is David Creighton,  I am a Commercial Photography student at Ohio University.

I have enjoyed my time here at SpoFit, learning a lot along the way. One of the best things about this experience has been both the variety and number of events I’ve taken part in documenting. Loren, the staff photographer here is great to work with, and was happy to share his equipment with me while I’ve been working here. So, here’s some of the work I’m most proud of while I’ve been here.

Sorry it’s so long, but I’ve been keeping busy with everything that happens here. Thanks for looking!

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Getting Acquainted

Date: 5/13/2013

These photographs were from my first official day, and just scratched the surface of what I would be doing during my time here. I was pleasantly surprised by the image of the building, it turned out to be just the right time of day for where I was shooting from.

2013-05-13_poolside_-1 2013-05-13_bootcamp-24 2013-05-13_around_spofit-25
Date: 5/15/2013

Shoot with Peter

Date: 5/15/2013

This image is an example of what I enjoy doing the most, with a subject chosen beforehand, and control over the lighting. Loren has strobes that are different from what I’m familiar with, but it’s always good to learn new hardware. It’s often difficult in SpoFit working with a mix of daylight and fluorescent lights, but that has helped me practice color correction in post-processing.

2013-05-15_peter bike-65


Date: 5/17/2013

2013-05-17_demos_climbing_rugby-11 2013-05-17_demos_climbing_rugby-87 2013-05-17_demos_climbing_rugby-99

Desert Challenge

Date: 5/18/2013

The Desert Challenge is a track and field event open to athletes of all ages with a disability. I was fascinated watching the athletes and how they adapt to compete in various events.

2013-05-18_desert challenge-98 2013-05-18_desert challenge-100

Lightrail Study

Date: 5/21/2013

SpoFit hosted an event to get input from the public assessing the addition of a new light rail stop near the DEC and SpoFit, here are a couple shots from that.

2013-05-21_dec lightrail study-1 2013-05-21_dec lightrail study-22

Pool Shoot with Ricardo

Date: 6/05/2013

These images are a shoot we did with one of the many great volunteers SpoFit has, Ricardo. We used an aquarium with weights in it, a cost-effective solution for shooting underwater. I’m quite happy with what we got from it.

2013-06-05_ricardo_pool-7 2013-06-05_ricardo_pool-60 2013-06-05_ricardo_pool-75

Date: 6/08/2013

2013-06-08_max in motion-67 2013-06-08_max in motion-83

Shoot with Nick Scott

Date: 6/10/2013

SpoFit provided a location for a promotional event for a company, Morph wheels, makers of the first foldable wheelchair wheels. Their spokesperson, Nick Scott, agreed to a shoot in the weight room. We only needed a couple photos for promotional purposes, but he was enthusiastic about the shoot, so here are the results.

2013-06-10_nick scott-84 2013-06-10_nick scott-206 2013-06-10_nick scott-158 2013-06-10_nick scott-121

Date: 6/13/2013

2013-06-12_video shoot-22 2013-06-12_video shoot-48 2013-06-13_martial arts-59

Date: 6/18/2013

2013-06-18_spofit exterior-5 2013-06-18_swim lesson-19 2013-06-18_swim lesson-63

Kids Camp/Kids Corner

Along with fitness for adults, kids are an important part of the activities here. Kids Corner happens throughout the week, and there have been many sessions of Kids Camp that have yielded some good images, including another dip in the pool with the aquarium, and going up on the rock wall with the kids for a new perspective.

Rock wall

2013-06-19_kids camp rock wall-17 2013-06-04_kids_camp-18

In the Pool
2013-06-13_kids camp pool-18 2013-06-13_kids camp pool-65


2013-06-25_kids camp drums-4 2013-06-18_kids camp-19 2013-06-26_kids camp messy-5 2013-06-26_kids camp messy-27


Date: 6/21/2013

2013-06-21_rehab w-o walls-31 2013-06-21_rehab w-o walls-22

Date: 7/05/2013

2013-07-05_roller skates-41-2

Still Lifes

Date: 7/5/2013 & 7/10/2013

I had two occasions where we needed some still life photos to promote upcoming events. I enjoy the practice of setting up the lighting, positioning the objects, and finding the best shot among them.

2013-07-05_roller skates-37 2013-07-05_roller skates-79 2013-07-05_roller skates-72 2013-07-10_try a tri promo-82 2013-07-10_try a tri promo-68 2013-07-10_try a tri promo-26