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Power Soccer

All power soccer team members next to each other facing the camera. Logo above says Ability360 United.

What is Power Soccer?

Power Soccer is the first competitive co-ed team sport designed and developed specifically for athletes who use a power wheelchair. This provides the opportunity for power chair users to be part of a competitive team. During the game, two teams consisting of four players each try to score points against each other, and defend others from scoring by maneuvering an oversized soccer ball around the court. The Ability360 United Power Soccer Club was started in 2012 upon the opening of the sports center and has recently grown to roster not only one team but now has added a second team called the Ability360 FC. The team varies in ages starting from 6 years and up, which makes it a great family oriented competitive sport.

Ability360 United is a United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) registered, Founders Conference, Power Soccer team. Ability360 Phoenix Rising FC is a United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) registered, Presidents Conference, Power Soccer team. The teams compete in tournaments and games such as Duel in the Desert and PowerBlast. For more information, contact Tony Jackson at

Ability360 Phoenix Rising FC

Marc Schwab
Prescott, AZ

Filsan Awale
Phoenix, AZ

John Beaubien
Glendale, AZ

Everett Frahm
Mesa, AZ

Chris Schwab
Prescott, AZ

Tony Jackson
Phoenix, AZ
Coach & Team Manager

Ability360 United

Dalen Soto
Glendale, AZ

Philip Smith

Jacob Ulrich
Waddell, AZ

Ken Felt
Phoenix, AZ

James Hinckley Wade
Phoenix, AZ