PHOENIX, Ariz. (July 20, 2021) – Ability360 is deeply concerned over the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s (USOPC) decision to deny Becca Meyers’ request to have her mother accompany her to Japan as her personal care attendant (PCA).

Ability360 strongly urges the USOPC to reconsider its decision to allow Meyers and other Team USA Paralympians to be accompanied by the PCA of their choosing at the upcoming 2020 Paralympics.

“While we appreciate the much-needed precautions related to COVID-19, we believe that this accommodation can be provided in a manner that supports Ms. Meyers’ needs as an athlete with disabilities and ensures the safety and well-being of others in attendance,” Ability360 President & CEO Chris Rodriguez said. “The USOPC’s decision, unfortunately, reflects a fundamental lack of appreciation and understanding for the relationship between a person with a disability and their PCA.”

In a statement to the Meyers family, the USOPC stated that one dedicated PCA will accompany the U.S. Paralympic swim team, consisting of 34 total athletes.

“While COVID poses health risks, so too, does traveling to a foreign country as a person with one or more disabilities, especially devoid of a PCA who is aware of the type of support needed,” said Scott Hogsett, a three-time Paralympian in Wheelchair Rugby. “Asking one PCA to assist 34 athletes is perhaps an even greater risk to health and safety. Moreover, it interferes with an athlete’s ability to focus and compete in the pinnacle of sports.”

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