Small Business and Entrepreneurship Options for People With Disabilities

A three part webinar series for aspiring entrepreneurs

Join Ability360 on a journey to self-employment as we team up with BMO to provide three webinars on the knowledge of getting into the small business and entrepreneurship realm. Each webinar provides insight on what it takes to run a small business, the resources required, and the hurdles one faces and how to overcome them. With guest speakers of all ranges, you’ll come out of these webinars with the security and know-how on what it means to be a entrepreneur of the future.


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Webinar #1 – Is Self-Employment for You?

Items Discussed in this Webinar

  • What is selfemployment?
  • Who is doing it?
  • Pros and Cons, what makes it attractive option for people with disabilities.
  • Exploring your interests and goals (skills assessment tools).
  • Panel of people with disabilities who started their own business or are an Entrepreneur, will share their experiences

Webinar #2 – An Introduction to Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Items Discussed in this Webinar

  • How to start a small business plan, key components of a small business plan.
  • Challenges to creating the business plan.
  • Resources to help you to start writing a small business plan (SCORE, etc).
  • Panel of people with disabilities who started their own business or are an Entrepreneur, will share their experiences

Webinar #3 – Small Businessand Entrepreneurship Funding and Financial Considerations

Items Discussed in this Webinar

  • IDEA, ABLEAccounts, Work Incentives Planning and Assistance and use of PASS.
  • Ticket to Work and Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Speaker from Bank of the West
  • Panel of Disability Service providers (Bank of the West,VR, EN, WIPA)

Additional Resources


Job Accomodation Network

JAN consultants handle inquiries related toselfemployment and small business development for people with disabilities. This includes referrals regarding business planning, financing strategies, marketing research, disabilityspecific programs, income supports and benefits planning, ecommerce, independent contracting, homebased business options, and small business initiatives for disabled veterans.

U.S. Small Business Administration

10 Steps to Starting Your Small Business Guide Information on business plans, funding suggestions etc.

Phoenix Women Business Center

Provide counseling, training, business assistance and access to capital forwomen looking to grow or start their company.

Greater Phoenix SCORE

On Demand Training, in person and virtual webinars, and access to mentorshipto support indevelopment of a business plan and starting a small business.

Arizona Small Business Dvelopment Center

Resources and training for small business.


Free online learning program developed for women who want to start or growtheir own business.

National Center for Diability Entrepreneurship

Program with curriculum for any person with a disability looking to launch orexpand a business.Visitwebsite to see if accepting new applications.

Disability Small Business Hub

A collaboration between the National Disability Institute and the U.S. SmallBusiness Administration. Provides current resources, podcasts, trainings, andevents to start, build, and grow your small business.


Small business startup and accelerator program, holds virtual peertopeersupport group meetings, workshops and career coaching while offering onetoone mentoring opportunities and referral services to support entrepreneurs withdisabilities. Visit website for application requirements.


Arizona’s American Job Center has nocost employment readiness services.From their website you can research job market trends, wages by occupation,and other analytics to inform your business plan development.