Socialization Through Recreation

The Socialization Through Recreation Program

The Socialization Through Recreation Program offers opportunities to meet new people, develop interpersonal skills, gain self-confidence, reduce stress, improve social or communication skills, and most importantly, to have fun!

The Cooking, Arts & Crafts and Game Day groups are a few of the events that are offered.  Other events are based on consumer input as to what they would like to see or do in the community.  Events may include: bowling; Nintendo Wii; museums; movies; and holiday/seasonal events.  Events may be offered at reduced prices or no cost to the consumer.

See our Community Events Calendar!

Eligibility Requirements: Must complete an in-person interview and fill out an application with Leanne Murrillo CTRS, our Socialization Through Recreation Program Coordinator. This process will take about an hour. Walk-ins are not accepted at events. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Leanne at the number listed below.

Leanne Murrillo, CTRS
Socialization Through Recreation Program Coordinator
Phone:  (602) 296-0535