The Ability360 Heat is a U.S. Quad Rugby Associated team sponsored by Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center. The Heat was created in 1998. The Heat won the 2014 US National tournament in Kentucky, completing a 2014 season with a perfect record of 33-0. In 2015, the Heat defended their title and repeated as champs.

2018 Roster

Obanel Serrano
Prescott, AZ

Derek Paral
New York City, NY

Ernie Chun
Waipahu, HI

Jeremiah Weise
Elko, NV

Kory Puderbaugh
Boise, ID

Ben Goss
Dunstable, MA

Scott Hogsett
Chandler, AZ


Nick Springer
New York City, NY

Joe Jackson
Chandler, AZ

Alison Baiono
Team Assistant

Shin Shimakawa
Tokorozawa, Saitama Japan

Sara Sperle
Team Assistant

# 15 
Brian Sperle
Hayward, CA


Tasha Campbell
Team Assistant

Jake Zunich
Silver City, NM

Hiro Omori
Team Assistant & Translator

Wheelchair rugby is a team sport for athletes with a disability. It is practiced in over twenty-five countries around the world and is a summer Paralympic sport. Developed in Winnipeg, Canada in 1976, the sport’s original name was Murderball. The United States name “quad rugby” is based on the fact that all wheelchair rugby players need to have disabilities that include at least some loss of function in at least three limbs—most are medically classified as quadriplegic. Each player receives a classification, based upon function. These classifications are used during each game, when each team may have no more than 8 points (classifications of players added together) on the court, at one time. Wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a hardwood court. The rules include elements of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, handball and rugby union. It is a contact sport and physical contact between wheelchairs is an integral part of the game. It has little in common with Rugby football except for the name. The sport is governed by the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF) which was established in 1993.

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Sponsorship Levels for Ability360 Phoenix Heat Wheelchair Rugby Team

2018 - 2019

  • Prominent company logo on all marketing materials for events and tournaments that involved wheelchair rugby at Ability360
  • Duel in the Desert – October 19-21, 2018
  • Rugby Rave – February 7-9, 2019
  • Event posters, fliers, website, social media, recognition in LivAbility Magazine, event tickets/programs, post-event materials, event shirts, and newsletter(s)
  • Prominent vendor location for marketing at above events
    Prominent banner displayed at Ability360 throughout Rugby Season – October 2016 thru April 2016 – East Court Wall
  • Company employees will have priority to volunteer sign ups for all event days
  • Recognition on the Donor Wall
  • Community Building Opportunities
  • Ability360 Rugby players to attend and speak at 4 of your company events
  • Four full page advertisements in LivAbility or 8 half page advertisements
  • Team Photo with Company logo
  • Complimentary booth at the Ability360 Health & Wellness Fair – April 2017
  • Complimentary vendor booth at two other Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center events such as Saluting Service, Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

*All donation amounts are greatly appreciated to offset costs of travel, coaching, and equipment.