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Friends of Ability360

Ability360 is very proud and grateful to announce our affinity group known as “Friends of Ability360.”

Our “Friends” are distinguished leaders within our community that will help us expand our reach and continue to grow by spreading the word about all the magic that happens here daily.  Our sincere thanks for their support!

Jim Bruner
Don Budinger
Tess Burleson
Jerry Colangelo
Paul Critchfield
Robyn DeBell
Bennett Dorrance
Rich Dozer
Doug Eaton
Phil Francis

Bert Getz
Gary Hershey
Lisa Henry Holmes
Scott Hogsett
Ken Kendrick
Dr. Wayne Kuhl
Rick Kuhle
Bill Lavidge
Tim Louis
Bob McNichols
Bill Post

Bill Putnam
Dr. Ronald S. Quang
David Reese
Mike Smith
Dick Van Arsdale
Tom Van Arsdale
Gary Venjohn
Mike Watts
Chip Weil
Jim Whitehead
Susan Wissink