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What’s the Latest Transit Bills Update?

Representatives Cook and Livingston are working on two separate transit bills.  Meetings are continuing with stakeholders and transit advocates on both bills.  Right now as we watch these negotiations, it’s unclear what the next legislative steps will be.


The SB1102 striker is largely based on the legislation supported last year by transit advocates, however Rep. Livingston’s striker has the transit allocation at 39% instead of 40.4%. At the stakeholder meeting, Rep. Livingston shared a draft amendment that removed the non-transportation provisions as he promised to do. Rep. Livingston committed to holding additional stakeholder meetings, including bipartisan meetings with Democrats and the Governor’s office.


Representative Cook, the House Transportation Chair, also held a stakeholder meeting to further discuss potential language of his striker to SB1246.

Rep. Cook and Senator Farnsworth participated.  Rep. Cook indicated being open to increase the transit allocation from 26% to 38%, however Sen. Farnsworth and Senate staff were noncommittal to an increase to the transit allocation beyond the 20% proposed in his committee. 

While these negotiations continue, tell your story! 

Tell Legislators how you use public transportation and what it means to you.

Urge them to increase the transit allocation to 40.4 percent.

Steps you can take today:

1. Email or call your state legislators. You can find out who your state legislators are by clicking here and entering your home address.

Find a full list of legislators and their contact information. Regardless of whether you call their office and leave a message or email them, please be sure to tell them you are a constituent when you reach out and why transit matters to you!

2. Post to social media and tag your legislators.

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