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Theatre360 History

In 1999, several individuals who enjoyed attending theatrical and musical performances through Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (Now Ability360), desired to become more than spectators.  They started a Readers Theater that quickly grew into the Improbable Theatre Company (ITC).  The founding members of ITC are: James Foley, Amina Donna Kruck, Carolan Quenneville, Diane Sullivan, and Kathy Tweet. The Improbable Theatre Company changed its name to Theatre360 in October 2015.

 Theatre360 Particpant Bios

(Past & present in alphabetical order)

Patty Haclmann

Patty Hackmann
Patty Hackmann is an employee of Ability360 and joined ITC with the production of We Need to Talk. She has been seen around the valley in community theater productions of Minor Demons, On Golden Pond, It Runs In The Family, and Dearly Departed.  She lives with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an invisible disability.  Productions played in:  “We Need to Talk”

Michelle Allen

Michelle Y. Allen
After her start as the lead role in one of her employer’s industrial films, Michele has been in other films, independent movies, and a national public service announcement.  Most recent – “A Sentimental 1940’s Journey” another Herberger Lunch Time Theater show. Productions played in:  “The Improbable Couple,” and “The Visit”

Alvera Ampian
Participant in Ability360’s “Transcendent Voices” and Toastmasters International Speech craft Training. Person with diabetes and arthritis.  Productions played in:  “Actual Lives: Candid Snapshots”

Skye Ayers
Skye has appeared as an actor with several theater companies in the valley. Her latest show was at Theatre Artists Studio. She also stage manages and has done crew and tech work. Skye volunteers at Horses Help, a therapeutic riding program.  Productions played in:   “Funny as a Crutch.”  Stage Manager for:  “The Visit.”

Larissa Brewington

Larissa Brewington
Writer, producer and performer. She’s toured the northeast professionally, has been a full time staffer with Touchstone Theatre of Bethleham PA. Originator of “Gray Matters Productions”, Larissa has written and performed in a number of LTT shows. Productions played in:  “The Improbable Couple.”

Jon-Lee Campbell
“I was born in Alaska and have also lived in Colorado, Montana, Nebraska and Arizona.  I lived in Phoenix when I was a freshmen in high-school and fell in love with Arizona.  It took me 14 years to get back down here, but here I am.  I have 2 beautiful children, who are my world, Jasper and Karma.  When I was 16, I wrecked my car on a dirt road in Nebraska, leaving me paralyzed from the hips down, but I feel very lucky that I am alive and didn’t suffer any worse of an injury.  I have always loved performing, and my first time on stage was when I was 3 years old.  I sang “Hey Good Lookin'” at the “Alaska Old-Time Music Association Bluegrass Festival”.  Productions played in:   “Funny as a Crutch.”

Bobbi Christensen

Bobbie Christensen
Bobbie is a past Ability360 volunteer, a high school drama student, and a published poet.  She participated in disability awareness performances to schoolchildren. Bobbi is a person with cerebral palsy, asthma, and arthritis. “Sisters” was written by Candice N. Christensen-Ossowski, Bobbi’s twin sister.  Productions played in:  “The Stairs,” “Summer camp,” and “Scott’s Vision.”

Jeff Clevenger
Jeff comes to us from a small town in Western Hungary.  He has lived in the U.S. for only 17 months, but has devoted himself to the craft of acting in hopes to shed his accent!  He has completed 11 shows since his arrival. He feels truly, truly, honored and blessed most of all, to be part of an amazing group like Theatre360!  Jeff would like to thank the cast (love you guys), Mary Robinson and his mama/director, Dolores D’Amore Suocera Pantalones Goldsmith (her full name…)!  Productions played in:   “Funny as a Crutch,” “We Need to Talk”

Lee Cox
Writer, jazz musician, and actor. ABE/GED Tutor, HIV/Aids Educator, Ryan White Planning Council, Ten Percenters Multiple Addictions 12 Step Study Group Chairperson.  Person with an amputation.  Productions played in:  “Actual Lives:  Candid Snapshots.”

Jolene DeTiege

Jolene De Tiege
Jolene joined Theatre360 toward the end of 2008, and her first performance as an Theatre360 member was in the production of “The Visit” in 2009.  She is currently a Board Member and the Secretary for Theatre360.  Jolene believes in the mission of Theatre360 and is happy to be involved in a theatre company full of wonderful people!  She has a form of Muscular Dystrophy and uses a wheelchair.  Productions played in:  “The Visit,” “ADA 20th Anniversary Gala,” and “Funny as a Crutch,” “We Need to Talk”

Alicia Draper

Alicia Nicole Draper
Alicia joined Theatre360 in 2006 after graduating from ASU with a degree in Public Relations/Journalism and is currently pursuing a career in Public Speaking. Alicia lives with Cerebral Palsy.  Productions played in:  “Label You, Label Me”

BonnieGuzelf 2

Bonnie Guzelf
Active in community theater since 1978. Diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) in 1999.  Productions played in:  “Sex, Death & Wheelchairs.”

Kristin K. Hailstone
A seasoned member with the Childsplay acting ensemble. Lives in Phoenix with husband Michael and baby son Jack. Favorite roles (besides ‘Mom’): “Pussycat in “The Owl & the Pussycat; Mary Todd in “Lincoln’s Log”; and six wonderful years as “The Velveteen Rabbit’s” Nursery Magic Fairy.  Productions played in:  “Sex, Death & Wheelchairs.”

Laurie Ball

Lauren Hall
Known as the “Singing Chaplain”, Lauren received an award for Stage Management in a local college competition; she has taken course work in Stage Acting, Acting for TV & Film, Stage Fighting & Swordsmanship.  Joined Theatre360 in 2006. Lauren lives with a connective tissue disorder, sometimes using a scooter.  Productions played in:  “Suppressed Desires,” “Not in Polite Company,” and “Funny as a Crutch,” and “We Need to Talk.”

Doug Hutton
Past member and speaker for “People First.” Past volunteer for Arizona Office of the ADA and Ability360. Person with a learning disability.  Productions played in:  “Actual Lives:  Candid Snapshots.”

Erik Jensen bw

Erik Jensen
Erik has performed in several shows in High School including “Arsenic & Old Lace” “Up the Down Staircase” “Fame” “Damn Yankees” etc. Studied theatre at Abilene Christian University in Texas. City of Grace Drama Team. Erik worked for Ability360 as a Work Incentives Coordinator. He lives with his wife Robbin, has Spina Bifida and uses a manual wheelchair for mobility.  Productions played in:  “Suppressed Desires,” “Not in Polite Company,” and “Funny as a Crutch,” and “We Need to Talk.”

Krystyna Czerwinski

Hrabina Krystyna
Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Had a design studio called “New England Designers” for 10 years before becoming chemically intolerant from the work. Hrabina uses a power chair due to injuries resulting from an auto accident. “I’m proud to be a member of the ITC Group [Theatre360]. I have found the support I need to make my life enjoyable and whole.”  Productions played in:  “Not in Polite Company,” and “ADA 20th Anniversary Gala.”

LaShell Lovejoy

La’Shel Lovejoy
Poet, writer, inspirational/motivational speaker. Past member Black Writers Guild. Person with post traumatic epilepsy.  Productions played in:  “Actual Lives:  Candid Snapshots,” and “Sex Death & Wheelchairs.”

Bob Malone

Robert Malone
Thrilled to be involved in wheelchair dance. Disability Information Consultant, VOICE Advocate and Ability360 Peer Mentor. Person with a learning disability; Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Muscle Myopathy, & Arthritis.  Productions played in:  “Sex Death & Wheelchairs,” and “Not in Polite company.”

Kim Medina
“This is my first time acting, although I have been a member of ITC [Theatre360] for a year now.  I am a part-time personal attendant to a young woman (also a member of ITC[Theatre360]).  I have been married 5 years and am a mother of a 9 mo. old daughter.”  Productions played in:   “Funny as a Crutch.”

Carolan Q_

Carolan Quenneville
Founding member of ITC, now Theatre360. Writer, graphic artist, poet. Toastmasters International Region III Humorous Speech Contest winner. Participated in Ability360 disability awareness presentations to schoolchildren. Person with arthritis since childhood.  Productions played in:  All of the Theatre360 productions except “Spoon River Anthology.”

William Robert
A retired English teacher and native Phoenician, William appeared at Phoenix Theatre as Biff in Death of a Salesman, Richard in The Lion in Winter, and Eilert Lövborg in Hedda Gabler.   Productions played in:  “Spoon River Anthology.”

Rick (RV) Romero
Performs as a violinist with the Scottsdale Community College Orchestra, and the modern folk band, Estil Wallace. Wrote, directed, and starred in his original play, “The Best Men.” Written, directed, & starred in over 75+ original episodes of the radio variety-show sitcom, “Reuben Romero’s Out & About.” Currently hosts the online television program, “The Skittles Room,”  which focuses on the game, history, and advantages of playing chess.  Productions played in:  “The Visit.”

Susan Shows
You may have seen Susan as an extra in a couple of films for television or in various theater performances in the Phoenix area. A student of the arts, you will see her at ongoing theater art workshops in Phoenix and LA.  Productions played in:  “The Improbable Couple.”

Scott Stoddard Christensen

Scott Stoddard-Christensen
Scott previously volunteered with Ability360 as an Arts & Craft Group leader. First time performing with Theatre360. Ability360 Home Care Services Employee. Person with developmental disability.  Productions played in:  “Sex, Death & Wheelchairs.”

Diane Sullivan
Founding Member of ITC, now Theatre360. Violinist, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. Visual artist, writer and performer. Person with Multiple Sclerosis, a vision impairment and uses a wheelchair.  Productions played in: “Bits n’ Pieces.”

Char Summerfield

Char Summerfield
Char performed with The Oxymoron’Z & Jester’Z Improv Comedy troupes, appeared in local commercials and in the movies, “Blind Eye” and Hallmark’s Hall of Fame, “Lost Child”. City of Grace Drama Team. She lives with “Arthur Itis” & her husband, Jack. She wants to thank God for his awesome blessings, her supportive family and friends, for all her artificial parts & some of the original ones.  Productions played in:  “The Improbable Couple, “Suppressed Desires,” “Not in Polite Company,” “ADA 20th Anniversary Gala,” and “Funny as a Crutch,” “We Need to Talk”

Robert Swierski
Robert has been both an actor and director and is also respected throughout the Valley as a Computer Graphics Scenic and Sound Designer and Technician. Theatre360 represents, for him, innovation and introduces its special talent in professional performances.  Productions played in:  “Spoon River Anthology.”

Denise Thompson
Denise’s stage début was in Theatre360’s 2003 Actual Lives performance at Lunch Time Theatre. Since then she has performed as Mrs. Clause and several other roles. Former Executive Director of the Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities. Director, Creating Community Inclusion. Vice Chair, ArtAbility steering committee. Person with blindness.  Productions played in:  “Actual Lives:  Candid Snapshots,” and “Spoon River Anthology.”

Kathy Tweet
ITC (Theatre360) Founder. Writer, performer, student in the STAGES- Eight Week Workshop Actor Training Program, Herberger Theater Center. Portland (OR) Accessible Theater, Ability360 disability awareness presentations to schoolchildren. Person with Spina Bifida. “It is a privilege to participate with members of the disability community in working to create quality theater experience.”  Productions played in:   All of the Theatre360 shows except “Not in Polite company,” and “The Visit.”

Wiebe headshot

Steve Wiebe
Steve began acting in high school. Since then he has been involved in several stage productions and musicals. Over the past decade, he has been a director, stage manager and actor. Steve has also done makeup, set design and set building. He sees every production he participates in as a learning experience.  Productions played in:   “The Visit,” and “Funny as a Crutch,” “We Need to Talk”

Directors & Stage Managers

Skye Ayers, Stage Manager – “The Visit”
Skye has appeared as an actor with several theater companies in the valley. Her latest show was at Theatre Artists Studio. She also stage manages and has done crew and tech work. Skye volunteers at Horses Help, a therapeutic riding program.
Cindy Brown, Director, “Actual Lives – Candid Snapshots”
Writer, Actress, Director, Filmmaker.  Founder “Friendly People Productions.” Past trainer with the Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities (ADA). Pennywhistle player! Person with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Delores D’Amore Goldsmith, Director – “The Improbable Couple,” “The Visit,” “We Need to Talk”
Actress, writer, Co-founder of the Arizona Women’s Theater. “The Visit” is Dolores’s 2nd time directing Theatre360. Theater Artists Studio. Person with a deep desire to see Theatre360 succeed.

Wendy Myers, Director, “Not In Polite Company;” “Actual Lives – Sex, Death & Wheelchairs”  
Writer, and playwright, Wendy’s plays have been produced in Phoenix and L.A. Member of Theatre360, Founding member of Writers Circle of Actors Theatre, an Associate Member of the Dramatists Guild and member of The Theater Artists Studio. Person with a deep desire to see Theatre360 succeed.

Jim Newcomer, Director, “Spoon River Anthology”
Three decades of educational and professional experience, was delighted to share this gifted cast’s interpretation of Spoon River. Jim discovered that Theatre360 embodies its closing message: “It takes life to love life.”

Julie Peterson, Stage Manager, “Actual Lives – Candid Snapshots;” “Sex, Death & Wheelchairs”
Writer, performer, director, appears with Theater Eclectic in the next Lunch Time show “The Actor’s Nightmare,” opening June 10th. Julie will be Assistant Stage Manager for “Shakespeare Sedona in July.”

Alex Rivera, Stage Manager
Drama student, North Canyon High School Student and studying under the mentorship of Wendy Myers. Phoenix native. First time working with Theatre360/LTT

Anthony Runfola, Director, “Sex, Death & Wheelchairs”
Production Manager, Childsplay Theater for Young Audiences & Families

Josh Yeatts, Director “Suppressed Desires”
Studied theatre and acting at ASU and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and is excited to be working with Theatre360. Josh has worked professionally around the valley with organizations such as: Word of Grace, Experience Arts School, Neighborhood Ministries, The Task program, and Girl Scouts of America. Josh is the Assistant Director of Drama at Phoenix First Assembly, where he writes and directs regularly. Currently, he resides in Tempe with his son Rilo, his daughter Ruby, and his wife, Kim.

Theatre360 Performances


“We Need to Talk”   Erik Jensen & Shar Summerfield

We Need to Talk includes five scenes, each of which tackles common misconceptions and stereotypes about those with disabilities.

Performers:  Jeff Clevenger, Erik Jensen, Jolene de Tiege, Char Summerfield, Steve Wiebe, Brook Brown, Patty Hackmann, Tina Klingseis.
Written by:  Char Summerfield, Erik Jensen, Dolores D’Amore Goldsmith
Director:  Dolores D’Amore Goldsmith
Stage Manager: Steve Wiebe


“Funny as a Crutch”

Funny as a Crutch mixes several vibrant short plays in an uproarious yet touching collection that explores the concept of disability. In tales ranging from a woman with a disability who is picked up for her first one night stand (Dutch Treat) to a young man who is turned away from the Army for having a prosthetic leg (All That He Can Be), Funny as a Crutch is guaranteed to make you laugh and raise your consciousness at the same time.

Performers:  Jeff Clevenger, Erik Jensen, Jolene de Tiege, Char Summerfield, Steve Wiebe, Skye Ayers, Jon-Lee Campbell, Kim Medina, Lauren Hall
Written by:  Rich Orloff
Director:  Dolores D’Amore Goldsmith
Stage Manager: Mary Robinson


“ADA 20th Anniversary Gala”

Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Performers shared a brief history and some words from Justin Dart Jr, who is considered the father of the ADA.

Performers:  Char Summerfield, Fernando Cruz, Jolene De Tiege, Brooke Brown, Hrabina Krystyna, Kip Gosney.
Director: Dolores D’Amore Goldsmith
Stage Manager: Terry Hanson
Technical Assistance:  Terry Hanson, Jason Mustonen

“Cause For Celebration”

Commemoration and celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the 10th Anniversary of the Improbable Theatre Company (ITC), through a multi-media performance.  The show featured artists telling their stories with an emphasis on how their lives have changed with the ADA.

Performers: Brooke Brown, Char Summerfield, Dolores D’Amore Goldsmith, Erik Jensen, Hrabina Krystyna, Jolene De Tiege, Steve Wiebe, Kip Gosney.
Director: Dolores D’Amore Goldsmith
Stage Manager: Terry Hanson


“The Visit”

An adaptation of Mark Stoddard’s “A Visit with Vance.”Jack is haunted by mistakes of his past. To clear his conscience, Jack volunteers at a group home.  He finds a supernatural relationship that challenges his mind and heart.

Performers:  Michele Y. Allen, Carolan Quenneville, R.V. Romero, Char Summerfield, Jolene DeTiege, Steve Wiebe
Director:  Delores D’Amore Goldsmith
Stage Manager:  Skye Ayers


“Not In Polite Company” with “Cheek to Cheek” Wheelchair Dance

In society, disabilities can be viewed as ‘impolite’ in nature. In spite of this, we dance, laugh and cry through the stages of grief on our way to acceptance. – written by Wendy Myers and Theatre360 players from life stories of Theatre360 members.

Performers:  Laurie Ball, Krystyna Czerwinski, Erik Jensen, Robert Malone, Carolan Quenneville, Char Summerfield
Writer and Director:  Wendy Myers
Stage Manager:  Roxanne Ross
Assistant Stage Manager:  Steve Wiebe


“Label You, Label Me” & “Suppressed Desires”

Theatre360 members work to free a person bound up by labels stuck on by society.

Performers:  Alicia Draper, Robert Malone, Carolan Quenneville, Stephanie Ringler, Kathy Tweet
Director:  Wendy Myers

“Suppressed Desires”

Henrietta Brewster thinks she knows how to interpret dreams.  She’s read all there is on dreams and psychoanalysis and is more than eager to help her harried husband Stephen and her sister Mabel discover the “Suppressed Desires” hidden in their dreams.

Performers:  Laurie Ball, Erik Jensen, Char Summerfield
Director:  Josh Yeatts
Stage Manager:  Alex Rivera


“The Improbable Couple”

Based on “The Odd Couple” by Neil Simon

Performers: Michele Y. Allen, Larissa Brewington, Carolan Quenneville, Susan Shows, Char Summerfield, Kathy Tweet,
Director: Delores D’Amore Goldsmith
Stage Manager: Becky Saunders


Excerpts from “Spoon River Anthology”

Voices from the Spoon River graveyard speak of their life, times and passing.  A published work by Edgar Lee Masters.

Performers:  William Robert, Robert Swierski, Denise Thompson, Kathy Tweet
Director:  Jim Newcomer


“Actual Lives: Sex, Death & Wheelchairs”

A surprise party has been planned, but for who? A play based on the actual life wedding proposal by Scott Stoddard to Bobbi Christensen with individual vignettes written and performed by cast members.  Written by Wendy Myers from actual life stories as told by cast members.

Performers:  Bobbi & Scott Christensen, Bonnie Guzelf, La’Shel Lovejoy, Robert Malone, Carolan Quenneville, Denise Thompson, Kathy Tweet
Director:  Anthony Runfola
Stage Manager  Julie Petersen


“Actual Lives: Candid Snapshots”

Vignettes of actual life events, stories and poems of cast members with a backdrop of interspersed photos.

Performers:  Alvera Ampian, Lee Cox, Doug Hutton, La’Shel Lovejoy, Carolan Quenneville, Denise Thompson, Kathy Tweet
Director:  Cindy Brown
Stage Manager:  Julie Petersen


“Bits and Pieces”

A series of five humorous and dramatic vignettes reflecting the diversity and similarities of people with and without disabilities.  In conjunction with the Essential Theatre (ET) troupe.

Performers:  Carolan Quenneville, Diane Sullivan, Kathy Tweet
Director:  Jackie Masei

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