Upcoming Performances

Theatre360’s next show begins June 18th, 2018!

Monday, June 18th the performance is from 7pm
*Audio Description and Interpreters are provided for this performance.

Tuesday,June 19, 12:10pm
Wednesday, June 20, 12:10pm
Thursday, June 21, 12:10pm
Tuesday, June 26, 12:10pm
Wednesday, June 27, 12:10pm

Thursday, June 28, 12:10pm
*Audio Description and Interpreters are provided for this performance.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Theatre360 is to create and present artistic works that entertain, inform and challenge audiences while breaking down barriers by heightening our community visibility beyond disability.

Theatre360 History

Who We Are

Download Brochure, Improbable Theatre Company

Theatre360 is a troupe of Phoenix-based artists dedicated to the personal, social and political voices of people with disabilities. Theatre360 presents original theatre pieces born out of the life experiences and artistry of people with disabilities, along with published plays. Themes, format and length of performance vary based on the works presented and the needs of specific audiences. Post-performance discussions are available to provide forums for dialogue about Theatre360’s artistic process and to explore the artistic voices of audience members.

Workshop participants practice what they’ve learned at Theatre360 skills workshops.

Come join us!

Join the exciting theatrical experience as Theatre360 touches you emotionally with its poignant sketches or hysterical laughter. The excitement Theatre360 brings to the stage is undeniably entertaining, alluring and always leaving you wanting more…

Ways you can get involved…

Theatre360 is always looking for new talent!

  • Performers
  • Directors
  • Playwrights
  • Stage Hands
  • Set Designers
  • Costume Designers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Contributors

Want to audition for our 2018 show? Stay tuned for more info!

Contact Us

Phone 480-584-1931

Theatre360 is on Facebook

No fragrances please.
To accommodate those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and allergies, please do not smoke or wear scented products when attending Theatre360 events. Thank you!