This is MY Life

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Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Skill Trainings for people who have DDD Services

At Ability360, we know self-determination and self-advocacy skills for all people with developmental disabilities (like: Cerebral Palsy, Cognitive/Intellectual disability, Autism, or Epilepsy) are very important. This is MY Life (TIML) program was designed to encourage and teach people 16 and older who receive services from the Arizona’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, (DDD) to speak up for themselves so they can make more life choices and choose the direction of their own lives.

The TIML program is a free, no DDD service dollars used, grant funded program by the Arizona Department of Economic Security/Division of Developmental Disabilities (DES/DDD).

Trainings on Self-Advocacy & Self-Determination

Learn the skills to have a say in your own life, your supports and services.

Self-Advocacy Classes:

Learn how to speak-up for yourself and for the things that are important to you.

Self-Advocacy Skills– Speaking up for yourself

Learn: What is a Self-Advocate? Self-Advocacy is a national movement. Why self-advocacy is important. How and where to self-advocate. Where to get help and how to work around barriers.

Believing In Yourself– Self-Esteem, Knowing Yourself

Get to know and feel good about yourself. Learn about positive self-talk, and good relationships.

Communications – How to Say What You Mean

Your words are powerful. Learn ways to use your words respectfully,

I-statements, listening, accepting feedback, and how to get your point across.

DDD Planning Meeting– Speak up for the things important to you

Speaking up at your team meeting is very important. Learn how and why to tell others what you do or do not want or like in order to plan the life you want.

Self-Determination Classes:

Self-Determination is my right & responsibility to control my life in the areas that I choose- by myself or with help. 

Self-Determination – Making Choices

Discover the importance and practice how to make small & big choices. Learn about: the national movement; needs versus wants; DDD planning meeting choices; who can help; & community leadership roles.

Goal Planning – Dream It, Set Goals, Take Action!

What is a goal? Do you want to learn how to work towards something you want? Learn about: S.M.A.R.T. goals; goal setting; self check-ins; working around barriers; and asking for help.

Problem Solving– Steps to find solutions

Do you have a problem? Learn about steps to solve a problem; asking for help; and things you can do about barriers.

Rights– Everyone has Rights & Responsibilities

Learn about your basic rights; history of disability rights; and your responsibilities with rights.

How Do I Get Started?

Ask your DDD Support Coordinator for a referral or just contact

Lynn Black, MSW-LCSW
This is MY Life Program Manager
602-443-0729 VM •

Navigating Life Transitions: Arizona’s Transition Resource Guide

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This guide can help you reach your goals.

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