This is MY Life

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Group or individual trainings on Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy for people 16 years and older who use DDD ServicesClick to download This is My Life Brochure

At Ability360, we believe self-determination and self-advocacy skills for people with developmental disabilities are very important.  The This is MY Life (TIML) program encourages and teaches people 16 and older receiving services from the Division of Developmental Disabilities (i.e. people who have Cerebral Palsy, a Cognitive Disability, Autism, or Epilepsy) to speak up so they can make more life choices and choose the direction of their own lives.  The TIML program is free and grant funded by the Arizona Department of Economic Security/Division of Developmental Disabilities (DES/DDD) and is for people 16 and older receiving DDD services.

Trainings on Self-Determination & Self-Advocacy Skills

Learn the skills to have a say in your own life, your supports and services.
Individual or group classes available.

Self-Determination Classes

Self-determination is making decisions and choices about YOUR life.

A. Self-Determination –Making Choices
Discover the importance of making small & big choices and decisions with DDD, providers, family and within the community.
B. DDD and You; Your Rights and Responsibilities
Learn the basics about DDD & its services & roles. Hear about your rights and responsibilities at DDD, with providers, and as a US citizen.
C. Consumer Directed Services and Individual Service Plans (ISP)
What’s it like to be in the driver’s seat of your supports and services? Learn about Individual Service Plans (ISP) and Person-Centered Plans (PCP); learn about DDD services and self -advocating for goals; and know the importance of choosing team members for your yearly meeting.
D. Basic Goal Planning and Problem Solving Skills
What is a goal? Do you want to learn how to work towards something you want? Have a problem? Do you want to learn steps to solve a problem?

Self-Advocacy Classes

Self-advocacy is asking for the things YOU want and taking action to reach YOUR goals.

A. Self-Advocacy – Speaking Up For Yourself
Learn why it is important to speak up for yourself. Build your skills to advocate for yourself and others.
B. Self-Advocates in Action – Advanced Skills
Are you already a self-advocate? Learn how to advocate in the community, service systems, and for others.
C. Believing In Yourself and Getting Along With Others
Get to know and feel good about yourself. Find out the different types of relationships, boundaries in relationships, and ways to be a good friend.
D. Saying What You Mean
Your words are powerful. Learn ways to use your words respectfully, and how to get your point across.


How Do I Get Started?

Ask your Support Coordinator
for a referral or contact

Lynn Black, MSW-LCSW
This is MY Life Program Manager
602-443-0729  •

Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities
TIML is funded by Arizona Department
of Economic Security’s DDD contract.
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