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Ticket to Work Arizona

Ticket to Work Program is available to you if you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and choose to work. SSA offers services through private contracts with community-based organizations like ours. Ability360 Employment Services (AES) provides employment and support services to those eligible for the Ticket to Work.

This program is strictly voluntary and may be used anytime you are ready to pursue employment. Ability360 develops a comprehensive plan with you including examining your work history, qualifications for the occupation sought, and whether the services we offer will meet your needs.

Disability Disclosure

When and How To Do It…or Not. To view a 30-minute webinar on this important topic, click here.

  • Earn More Money
  • Reach Goals & Find Purpose
  • Keep Your Benefits

Employment Services

  • Job Search Placement Assistance
  • Resume prep, interviewing skills, and other supports to properly search for a job
  • Training access and funding to pay for it
  • Skills testing
  • Dedicated employment coordinator

Benefits Management

  • Interface with SSA to track work incentives used
  • Track and report earnings to avoid overpayments
  • Ensure required documents are filled out and sent to SSA
  • Certified Work Incentive Counselors to properly advise you along the way

Ongoing Support

  • Help with any on-the-job conflicts that might arise
  • Help finding a new job if you need to switch
  • Long-term support for up to 45 months

Social Security Text Message Updates

Did you know you can receive text messages from Social Security’s Ticket to Work program? Get the latest news from the blog, information about upcoming events and more! If you’re interested, please sign up by texting TICKET to 474747. You can opt out at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I use my Ticket to Work, will I lose my cash benefits from SSA?

No. Your cash benefits are safe for 105 months as long as you continue to have your disability. For Medicare, it is 102. The Ticket to Work Program is all about giving you a chance to work without fear of work impacting your eligibility for benefits. There are series of “work incentives” to help you achieve self-supporting employment over time. Unfortunately, they are complicated to navigate. But being registered with Ability360 helps guide you through it for all that time.

What services do you provide to me while my Ticket is assigned to your EN?

  • Career Planning
  • Benefits Counseling and Income Reporting to SSA
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Employment Coaching
  • Coordinating Training Opportunities for Advancement in a Career
  • Post-Employment Services to help you retain a job

How do I explain a long period of unemployment?

This is probably the biggest barrier for applicants with disabilities to get hired. Almost everyone has a significant gap since they worked. The answer is always the same: “I was handling personal matters, but this is how I have kept my skills current.” Your disability is a personal matter just like building a home, raising children, caring for an elderly parent, etc. Employers are less concerned about the gap than about whether you have the current skills to do the job they need done. But then you have to have the skills. If your skills need updating, there are training opportunities available to you, usually at no cost. Perhaps your skills are very good. We can test you for that. Your high scores go right on your resume, thus negating the issue of current skills.

Why should I use Ability360’s Ticket to Work service?

Why not? It is a free service from employment services professionals who have been helping people on SSDI get back into a well-paying job since 2002. In addition to helping you find and keep a good job, we also help you manage your benefits so you can focus on your job and not worrying about what SSA is doing. We know who to call, what to request, and how to advise you on all aspects of navigating the workforce but also staying out of trouble with SSA.

What if I try this but find I just cannot sustain it?

No harm. You continue to keep your benefits just as they are now. There is no harm from at least trying to work.

Does it matter if I work full-time or part-time?

Not initially. The Program is structured so you can start off part time and work towards becoming full-time or at least earning a better living than what you are now. Eventually, however, the goal of the program is for you to earn enough on your own that you are much better off working than trying to live on benefits.

How long will it take me to get a job?

We cannot put a set time frame of when you find employment. Each person is different so everyone is treated individually according to all factors to consider, such as your work history, educational attainment, company and location, skills, and your interest. Your success at finding employment greatly depends on your cooperation, effort, and commitment with us guiding you along that path.

Can I get a job working from home?

If you are interested in a working from home, you may contact My Employment Options at: www.MyEmploymentOptions.com

How do I sign up for Ability360’s Ticket to Work services?

You can either call Lisa Purdy directly at 602-443-0712 or complete an application for services and send a copy of your resume to LisaP@ability360.org. She will call you to discuss it once she receives your application.

Why should I use Ability360?

What services do you provide?

How do I explain a long period of unemployment?

What if I can’t sustain employment?

Will I lose my SSA benefits?

How Do I Sign Up for Ability360’s Ticket To Work Program?

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