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Earn a Better Future.

Our trained, experienced team will help you find the job that’s right for you. They’ll stay with you throughout the entire process, helping you understand and manage your benefits so that you can focus on what’s important — your new job.

Disability Benefits


Test Employment

The Social Security Ticket to Work program is designed to help you transition to employment. During your transition, work incentives help you keep your benefits as you try employment. There are built-in protections in the Ticket to Work program to help you quickly and easily get back on your benefits if your disability gets worse.


Partnership Plus

If you’ve found a job, your State VR agency may close your case approximately 90 days after you start working. When State VR services end, many people find that they need continuing support to help them keep their job and increase their earnings over time. That’s why State VR agencies often partner with ENs that provide job retention services and other types of ongoing support. This arrangement, known as Partnership Plus, gives Ticket program participants continued access to individualized employment services, if needed. After State VR services have ended, you can assign your Ticket to an EN of your choice to receive these additional services. Partnership Plus sets you up for success by providing the support you need at each step toward financial self-sufficiency.


Easy Benefit Management

Understanding your social security medical & cash benefits can be confusing when considering employment. We have a dedicated Benefits Counselor on staff that will help you understand your options as you enter the workforce.


Keep Employment

Wondering how to maintain your job long-term once you get it? Our entire Ability360 Employment Services team is able to give you the information and resources to guide you through:

  • Asking for accommodations in your workplace
  • How to maintain your finances
  • How to pick the right health plan for you and your family
  • And so much more!

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Ticket to Work program you must be

  • Currently receiving SSI or SSDI cash benefits from SSA
  • Between the ages of 18 and 64
  • Zero felonies or misdemeanors on record
  • Cannot have an open case with Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Must have at least a high school diploma or GED
  • Have a goal to be financially independent and work off cash benefits
A man focuses on his laptop while typing.

I have gotten to know and work with some pretty terrific, knowledgeable individuals. I feel very fortunate knowing that if I am ever faced with a question regarding my rights as an individual with a disability, I can pick up the phone and get accurate, trustworthy information.

Brian S.

recent graduate of the Ticket to Work at Ability360

The Ability360 staff was amazing. Having all those emotions that I’ve never had before, it almost made me want to stay on disability and hide. And I know, I’m pretty sure a lot of people feel that way. It almost made me not want to try the program, but I had this desire to get back to work. So they [the Ability360 staff] were amazing because they followed up with me, they guided me, they gave me the tools I needed to get back in the workforce.

Angela O.

current Ticket to Work consumer at Ability360

Why work with us?

Helping People Return to Work Since 2002

  • Our staff has over 20 years of combined experience helping people return to work
  • Many of our staff members have been on disability benefits and are successful graduates of the Ticket to Work program
  • We have a Community Work Incentives Coordinator who is certified through Virginia Commonwealth University to assist with Benefits Counseling

Top Industries Our Applicants are Hired in.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Retail
  3. Financial
  4. Nonprofit
  5. Education
  6. Government

Frequently Asked Questions

If I use my Ticket to Work, will I lose my cash benefits from SSA?

No. Your cash benefits are safe for 105 months as long as you continue to have your disability. For Medicare, it is 102. The Ticket to Work Program is all about giving you a chance to work without fear of work impacting your eligibility for benefits. There are series of “work incentives” to help you achieve self-supporting employment over time. Unfortunately, they are complicated to navigate. But being registered with Ability360 helps guide you through it for all that time.

What services do you provide to me while my Ticket is assigned to your EN?
  • Career Planning
  • Benefits Counseling and Income Reporting to SSA
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development
  • Employment Coaching
  • Coordinating Training Opportunities for Advancement in a Career
  • Post-Employment Services to help you retain a job
Why should I use Ability360’s Ticket to Work service?

Why not? It is a free service from employment services professionals who have been helping people on SSDI get back into a well-paying job since 2002. In addition to helping you find and keep a good job, we also help you manage your benefits so you can focus on your job and not worrying about what SSA is doing. We know who to call, what to request, and how to advise you on all aspects of navigating the workforce but also staying out of trouble with SSA.

How do I sign up for Ability360’s Ticket to Work services?

You can either call Lisa Purdy directly at 602-443-0712 or complete an application for services and send a copy of your resume to LisaP@ability360.org. She will call you to discuss it once she receives your application.

Apply Today

Please submit resume for review to lisap@ability360.org