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Ability360 provides a variety of training services.

Training Programs

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Peer Mentoring Program

If you need the support of someone who has already been there, done that — someone who can go along with you, cheer you on, and support you in accomplishing your goals — Request a Peer Mentor.

Photograph: Lynn Black teaching a group of people who have disabilites in a classroom.

This is MY Life – Learn Self-Advocacy Skills

(for Persons 16 + with Developmental Disabilities in the DDD System)

Learn to speak up for yourself; how to set goals and problem solve; about human rights, and how to make more life choices at your DDD planning meeting and your life. Find out More - This is My Life.

360 in the Kitchen, vegetables of varying types laying on a table.

360 in the Kitchen

Our 360 in the Kitchen classes will help teach you the skills to maximize your independence in the kitchen which can help you on your journey to overall wellness. By changing the manner in which you shop, stock your kitchen/pantry, and cook, you can make smart decisions that lead to overall wellness, both mentally and physically.

Independent Living Skills Training

IL Skills Training is done either on a one-to-one basis or in group workshops where Peer Support is beneficial.

Independent Living Skills Classes

Independent Living Skills Classes – These classes allow you to learn and practice skills to live more independently, while meeting other people with similar experiences.

Independent Living Skills Training for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

CLO is for high-functioning individuals with a developmental disability who are ineligible for federal & state support services. CLO gives individuals the opportunities to learn the transportation system, become employed, continue education, meet new friends, budget money, move into one’s own apartment or have a roommate and accomplish goals.

Living Well in the Community

Living Well in the Community is a free 10-week health and wellness program designed to help adults living with physical disabilities develop healthy habits and learn new skills to live well with a disability in all aspects of their lives.

Community Living Skills

Community Living Skills (CLS) is a free 10-week workshop for people who want to build their independent living skills.

Workshop participants can:

  • Build a support network with peers in the disability community
  • Explore options and possibilities for setting personal goals
  • Get information on skills and resources for living and participating
    in the community
  • Build confidence and comfort in decision making and problem solving

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