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Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

by Carrie Collins-Fadell

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona (BIAAZ) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a better future for Arizonans living with brain injury. The BIAAZ serves as the primary resource in Arizona to support brain injury survivors and caregivers on their ongoing journeys of recovery and renewal through community connections, empowerment activities and resource facilitation.

The BIAAZ has a plethora of support resources to effectively address the diverse needs of each and every person with a brain injury. We are your leading resource to connect you to local providers, educators and supporters depending on what your specific needs are.

Services We Offer:

 The Resource Facilitation Service: We offer one-to-one information, active listening and a process of gentle questions to identify the needs of each inquirer in order to provide referrals to appropriate service providers, articles and fact sheets, and help with defining suitable next steps to meet the needs expressed.

A Resource Database: Available on the BIAAZ website, survivors and caregivers can easily search through providers and services by location, type of service and the availablity of Spanish-speaking staff. The website also provides basic information on brain injury, treatment professionals, coping strategies, a calendar of events and a video question-and-answer component entitled “Navigating the System: A Guide for People with Brain Injuries and Their Families.”

Support Groups and Community Events: The BIAAZ is a leading resource in this tight-knit and supportive community and acts as a connection point to find hundreds of services, support groups and information for those living with brain injury and those serving them.

Education-and-Support Conferences: The BIAAZ conducts these conferences for brain injury survivors and their families and caregivers. We are mindful about creating an environment free of distractions or stressors and pacing presentations and breaks appropriately. We have one-to-one support available at all hours during the conference.

Professional Educational Conferences: We conduct professional conferences, such as the annual Mysteries of Brain Injury. Our expertise in living with brain injury encourages a shift among professionals from a program-centered point of view (e.g., eligibility criteria, program limits) to a person-centered perspective.

Photo by Loren Worthington