LivAbility Submission Guidelines

LivAbility Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle magazine published by Ability360. Our content typically focuses on Southwest-centric, disability-related issues.

  • Read our magazine and understand our audience
  • Stories should have at least three sources
  • Provide each source’s contact information including phone numbers, emails, and social media accounts
  • We will give you a word count to work with
  • Conform to AP Style Guide and the National Center on Disability Journalism style guide
  • Provide three sample headlines for our consideration. We are interested in your input to bring your story to life
  • Please remember, that deadlines are NOT suggestions
  • Submission Format
    • Title
    • Byline
    • Word count and photo count (if known)
    • Social Media hashtags and shout outs
    • Body
    (Include all these in the document you attach)
  • Example
    • My Best Article Ever
    • By: John Smith
    • 400 Words, 1-half page photo, 1 sidebar. 3 possible pull-quotes noted.
    • SM Hashtags: #PWD #Disability #ableism #PWD #WomenEmpowered @IQuotedYou @InterestedOrganizations
    • It was a dark and stormy night…

Once we have accepted your idea, provide a 40-70 word biography, a high-resolution headshot, and your social media accounts that you wish to promote along with your story. The biography page is designed early, so your biography should be submitted before your story is. If you need a high-resolution headshot, contact us (NOT AT THE LAST MINUTE) and arrange a time with one of our photographers.

Send us your Story Idea